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a healing hand
and voice
for your
companion animal

Animal Consciousness offers products and services to promote wellness encompassing body, mind and spirit for you and your companion animal.

What I Do


Me as a translator with your animals speaking one language and you another. I speak both languages connected at a deep level to soul consciousness.

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Donna McDonald
Animal Communicator

At an early age I read Dr. DooLittle and knew  without question that one could actually speak to animals.  And as a child I would often communicate with my animals and wildlife, unaware of the skills we all possess to telepathically communicate. It was my late wonderful animal companion and soulmate Murphy who brought me home to this world I left behind when I was around 9 years old as the rules of society and scientific proof taught me out of my knowing. 


Today I have gratitude for my reawakened spirit and acknowledge fully the gifts given to me at birth to be open-hearted, honest and present to non-verbal communication with all life.

I intend to bring awareness to the consciousness and feelings of the animal companions we share our life with as well as the wildlife whose habitat we increasingly share.

Through touch and/or thought I experience different ways of communicating with animals and wildlife.   Centered with love in my heart, my goal for each communication is to create solutions which bring love and healing for all beings involved.

What Clients Are Saying


“Donna’s skills as an animal communicator have been invaluable in the care of our animals. We have been working with Donna on a regular basis since 1998 and have found her work to be insightful and validating in dealing with both emergency and non-emergency health issues as well as behavior issues. I recommend her services to anyone who would like a deeper relationship with their companion animal.” –Lauren Shelby, Interior Designer