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Donna McDonald

Animal Communication Guide

Donna began her life’s work with animals in early childhood. With passion and an innate respect for all living beings Donna began collecting strays and injured animals of all kinds and nursing them back to health.

Donna’s early passion for nurturing life led her to an interest in the science of chemistry and biology; Donna graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology as an honor student in 1984 obtaining a BS in Chemical Engineering. Since that time Donna has enjoyed a successful sales career in the medical research and biotechnology field, honing her organizational and problem solving skills.

In 1997 Donna re-connected with her first passion – nurturing animals. Donna honors and recognizes her belated companion Murphy, with whom she shared special and challenging experiences, for helping her to reopen her mind and reconnect her with heart felt work. With a desire to assist her own companion animal, Donna embarked on a course of study that would provide her with a variety of ways she could help animals change their inappropriate behaviors with positive reinforcement and cooperation between human and animals.

Donna is a graduate of the Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Certification Program. In her commitment for continuing education Donna has completed numerous classes with renowned animal communicator pioneer Penelope Smith and with Assisi International Animal Institute in their Professional Animal Communication Program and courses with Carol Gurney.  Donna maintains her studies to learn more about complimentary holistic medicine, massage, touch therapies, aromatherapy, flower essences and other non-invasive healing modalities.

Donna resides in Longmont, CO with her beloved animals.  Donna can be reached at 415-710-9209 or

“Donna is a very talented and skilled animal communicator. She has provided key insights into a wide range of issues for my clients and my own animal companions. She is amazingly capable at explaining the human perspective in ways that animals can understand. I recommend her highly!” –Sheryl Carver, Tellington TTouch Practitioner & Software Engineer

“This joyful and compassionate work is dedicated to my lifelong and loving companion, Murphy McDonald.”

July 10, 1987 – March 24, 2003

In loving memory of Murphy McDonald