Andy the cat enjoys animal communication

Animal Communication

Donna is an Animal Communicator. If you have seen the pet psychic on Animal Planet then you have witnessed what an animal communicator is capable of doing. A primary goal of Donna’s animal communication service is to help all species co-exist in greater understanding, cooperation and happiness. All species are spiritual beings: This awareness of animals as intelligent beings with a spiritual essence is central to the ease in which animals communicate and increases their willingness to understand and change in positive directions. With or without physical contact, communication is telepathic with feelings, intentions, thoughts, concepts and/or mental pictures. This communication is reciprocated by the animals and translated into words for human understanding. Sometimes the information does not make sense in linear thinking and thus it is important to share information rather than judge what is translated.

Animal Communication sessions are comments and/or questions for your animal companion.
Examples of things that can be communicated are:

  • letting your animal companion know you will be traveling and want to inform how they will be cared for while you are away;
  • human or animal company may be visiting;
  • a new family member is arriving;
  • the loss of a loved one;
  • animal emotional and physical health;
  • training and behavioral issues.

If your animal is lost, I would be happy to discuss over the phone what animal communication might provide if you would like to schedule an appointment. A lost loved one is a difficult time for all involved . There are no guarantees to locate your animal yet the connection may provide a place to begin and provide some relief that your animal is okay.

Animal Communication: $150

How it Works:

  • Once we’ve received your order we will send you a link to a questionnaire including communication questions and/or comments listed in order of importance to you, name and description of the animal and a picture. This must be complete prior to the appointment.
  • Once this is received Donna will contact you and arrange a time.
  • A few minutes will be spent on any questions Donna has concerning the content of the information you sent to ensure she is clear and sending the most accurate information to your companion animal. Once clear, Donna will share with you how she would like to invite your animal into the communication. Once a connection has been made, Donna will ask you to disconnect over the phone yet be mindfully present. She will converse with the animal and then contact you after 30-45 minutes to discuss the communication. (International calls may be handled differently.)

All communications depend on the animal; however, on average, approximately 3-5 comments and 3-5 questions can be covered within the hour session.

“Dear Donna – Your ‘talk’ with Salem literally did wonders: he has totally stopped urinating around the house.... Your connection with him has really helped us out. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say that at first I was a bit skeptical. The results, however, of your conversation were immediate. Salem has once again resumed being fastidious with the litter box, sleeps every night with me on the bed, and in general, follows me around like a dog more than an independent cat. You really helped me out. He is a sweet cat and now I understand why he was behaving the way he was. Thanks for all of your help from all of us!” –Maria Lunk, Professor, Emory University