Andy the cat enjoys animal communication


Whole Dog Journal

This journal has been in publication for over 20 years and has a plethora of information.  You will find detailed reviews of foods, toys and other animal products as well as great articles on veterinary care, healing modalities and positive approach training methods that animal guardians will find valuable.

Animal Wellness Magazine

This magazine offers great articles on naturally improving and enhancing your companion animals overall wellness.  Published by animal lovers for animal lovers.

The Honest Kitchen

A family owned business created in 2002 in Southern California offering healthy food for your animals from minimally processed human grade ingredients.  My dogs have been enjoying the increasing variety of products from THK since their birth.

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets

This alcohol free flower essence remedy helps calm animals during stressful situations such as veterinarian visits, grooming sessions, thunderstorms and the sound and smell of fireworks.


I have been very skeptical about both the use of flea products on my animals and using chemicals around them in the home and yard. Since moving to rural Georgia and faced with longer periods of flea infestation, a greater potential for tick borne disease, a heavy mosquito population, various stinging bugs , and OMG FIRE Ants, I knew I had to do some research. I found these plant based alternatives to toxic chemicals and have been happy with my choice. Visit Wondercide

Sue Andra Lion, Illustrator

Sue Andra Lion is the illustrator for my ebooks and I am grateful for her wise counsel.   Sue  is an author and artist.  She has a deep connection to Mother Earth and a special bond with all the creatures who share this great planet with us.    Please visit her website to see Sue's selection of books, greeting cards, gifts and more. Visit Sue's website

Directly From Nature

In my work with animals I have often learned and felt their emotions.   This site offers the Bach Rescue Pet Remedy which is the general product I use with my animals for stressful situations such as traveling, thunderstorms or moving to a new home.   The Aura Cacia essential oils offered are high quality and I use these in my massage/aromatherapy practice.   In addition to product, the reference materials offered are perfect for learning more about flower essences, essential oil, and their application for specific situations and emotions. They have a nice selection of homeopathy products too.  Visit Directly from Nature

Earth Easy

Love Mother Earth? Visit this great website that offers eco-friendly products. We can all contribute to caring for our Mother Earth by even making one change in the current products we purchase. I love this site since the company is family owned and very educational.   Each product is described in detail and has an explanation on how the product benefits our environment.  Visit Earth Easy

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." ~Martin Buber