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Andy the cat enjoys animal communication

About Reiki

This ancient Japanese form of energy healing has a calming effect that is noticeable, reducing stress and anxiety as well as decreasing pain in your companion animal. Reiki is a safe way to allow the body to relax and come into balance.

We are all energy beings based on quantum physics and animals, as well as humans, can benefit from the subtle healing power of a Reiki session. Reiki is shared to help induce relaxation, reduce stress and pain, assist in natural healing, release emotional blocks, and is described as benefiting the whole being – body, mind and spirit. 

All species are spiritual beings. This awareness of animals as intelligent beings with a spiritual essence is central to the ease in which animals communicate and increases their willingness to understand and change in positive directions. With or without physical contact, communication is telepathic with feelings, intentions, thoughts, concepts, and/or mental pictures. 

A primary goal of Donna’s animal communication services is to help all species coexist in greater understanding, cooperation, and happiness.

Donna’s Experience with Reiki

My first experience with Reiki was in 1997 while I was participating in my Tellington Ttouch certification courses. At that time I was a true Type A personality and my animal was right there with me, taking on my energy of high stress.

A young woman was assisting another lady in the class who was feeling tired and had a headache. I was a bit judgmental when I heard about the Reiki treatment she was receiving. My nursing education trained me to be skeptical yet also opened-minded to possibilities. Thankfully, my inner wisdom guided me to learn more about this non-invasive healing modality.

The young woman in the class then offered Reiki to me and I accepted. Expecting more physicality, something like a massage, I at first wondered when the session would begin. As the energy flowed, I began to relax and actually fell asleep! I awoke feeling relaxed and centered.

When I returned home, I found a local Reiki Master and enjoyed several more healing sessions. After each session I found the same results: I was relaxed and centered. Reiki was a modality I decided to share with others and I began my first course to learn more.

Years later, I took my advanced Reiki training and Usui Reiki Master course. Since that time, I have used Reiki for myself, family, as well as for clients and their animal companions. It has been a great addition to my life, and has opened my mind up to accepting something that I could not see or touch. 

The majority of Reiki recipients in my personal experience have been our four-legged friends. While I lived in Georgia for a few years, I practiced this wonderful technique with animals in a local shelter where I volunteered.

After having also volunteered at shelters in California, I was shocked when observing the emotional stress that was apparent for many of the animals brought to the shelters. I would offer Reiki to these animals and see them transform from anxious to relaxed.

In my experience, after giving Reiki to older animals they seem more alert and mobile. From my anecdotal evidence, I believe Reiki assists them with decreasing the pain of arthritis and increasing cognitive function. The true beauty of Reiki is in giving these beautiful souls the gift of restored balance and emotional healing.

Today Reiki is much more accepted than it was in 1997. There are also more scientific studies being conducted, and a more open-minded science community and public. With so many side effects of prescription drugs for stress, dementia, depression, and other ailments, Reiki has become standard protocol in many hospitals for human surgery and more.

Reiki for animals

Reiki is shared to help induce relaxation, reduce stress and pain, assist in natural healing, release emotional blocks and is described as benefiting the whole being – body, mind and spirit.