Three Tails


An uplifting tale of love, compassion and acceptance


Three Tails, an uplifting tale of love, compassion, and acceptance

Happy dog Trio learns what it means to be different. He is laughed at and isolated from his family and in response, becomes depressed and destructive. But one kind act cascades to another kind act and Trio learns he can be happy again. This delightful tale illuminates the limitless power we all have to use love and compassion in our decisions and actions, especially when someone “different” shows up.

Each story in her series has its own impact, issues common to children of all ages, as well as young adults. Donna encourages the reader to seek out peaceful ways to address actions that show disregard for another sentient being and change the dynamics into healing energy.

Illustrations and design by award-winning author artist Susan Andra Lion.

Created for readers 13+